2018. 09.   JV with Technology Holding Co., Ltd. (Incheon St. Mary's Hospital) of Catholic Kwandong University

2018. 06.   Introduction to SBS's Sunday special documentary of ‘Pay Attention to the Natural Ingredients, Global War of the New Drugs’


2017. 12.   ‘First good brand to shine the year of 2018’ Awarded Health Functional Food Division(Hosted by Donga ilbo)

2017. 07.   Introduction to SBS Sunday's special documentary of 'Digestion to Save My Body'

2017. 06.   Patent application for anti-stress composition using CK

2017. 03.   Patent application for composition for improving fatty liver disease using CK

                    Patent application for composition for relieving hangover using CK

2017. 01.   A research agreement between research institutes of Seoul National University


2016. 07.   An agreement with Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) on the development of CK functional drink

2016. 04.   Launch of CK premium products and delivery of B2B

2016. 01.   Release of CK30 and CKM


2015. 12.   Patent application for increasing acceptance of CK

2014. 12.   Supply agreement with Dong Won F&B

2013. 12.   Development contract with KTNG

2012. 12.   CK’s mass production technology complete

2012. 07.   MginBio’s company research centre established


2011. 06.   National certification as a venture company

2011. 03.   MginBio Co. Ltd. Established / Moved to SNU College of Medicine

2008. 01.   Researchers at SNU College of Medicine begins research on Compound K